Pianist Leopoldo Erice has created a program for the Bach Festival that will appease even the most discerning classics appetite!

Scarlatti, Haydn, Glick, Beethoven -and of course Bach.

From the ‘master’s’ repertoire, Erice will perform JS Bach’s Partita No. 1 in B-flat Major, BWV 825. 

The  Six Partitas (BWV 825–830) were the first of a series of works for keyboard instruments that Bach published under the general title of Clavier-Übung (Keyboard Practice). With them Bach effectively engraved his name in the long and proud tradition of German composers. J.N. Forkel describes it’s the impact which the partitas had in the world in his pioneering biography of Bach (1802):

“This work caused quite a sensation among his contemporaries in the world of music; such splendid keyboard compositions had never previously been seen or heard. Whoever learnt to perform any of these pieces to a high standard could make his fortune in the world”.

Let’s witness together the genius of Bach at the hands of the extraordinary Spanish pianist, Leopoldo Erice!

Leopoldo Erice, Piano

Friday July 7 – 7:30pm

Trivitt Memorial Anglican Church