Noon Hour concerts return! Plan to spend your lunch hour at one of the 3 concerts held during the Bach Festival.

Friday July 7th arrive at Trivitt Memorial Anglican Church by Noon with your lunch in hand for the ‘Improv Seminar’ featuring:

Stephen Holowitz, Marlene Fagan and David Buckley. Three accomplished musicians exploring their unique approaches to the piano!




One of London’s finest keyboard artists, Stephen hails from Thunder Bay and came to London to study at Western University in 1983, where he received a B. Mus. Performance, and a B.Ed. He presently teaches at A. B. Lucas Secondary School, and is the Music Director at St. James Westminster Anglican Church in London.

Stephen’s multi-talented profile includes performance, collaboration, and composing. Major composition includes co-composing with Oliver Whitehead for the Antler River Project featuring original music creation of James Reaney poetry. Mr. Holowitz has been featured soloists with many groups including the Karen Schuessler Singers, and Brass Roots. He can be seen and heard with Denise Pelley, and John Stephenson in the group CELTIC SHIFT.

C.D. distribution has included original arrangements of traditional hymns and gospel songs. Original commissions include those arranged by the Amabile Youth Singers, Project Sings, and The Grand Theatre.



Acknowledged as one of Canada’s icon musicians, Marlene Fagan celebrates her 70th year of performing this summer. Accompanist to Robert Shaw, Elmer Iseler, Jon Washburn, and Erik Erikson are just one of the defining landmarks in her career. Marlene has written over 200 choral arrangements of music of the last half of the 20th century, almost all of them performed by Chorus London, The Gerald Fagan Singers, and the CHOR AMICA chamber choir.

As well as accompanying provincial choirs across Canada, Marlene was Executive Director of EML INTERNATIONAL, an agency for established and emerging Canadian singers; and remained a Church Organist and Choir Director for over 30 years.

As a testament to her talents, she was to the Don Wright Faculty of Music Wall of Fame, was recognized in 2005 by the City of London as a Woman of Excellence , and recently (March of 2017), elected to the Jack Richardson London Music Hall of Fame.


David Buckley has been the Music Minister at Oakridge Presbyterian Church in London since 2014, where he administers a myriad of musical activity for this thriving congregation. His impressive background in a variety musical endeavours includes his organization of the first digital multi-track recording studio in Canada, STUDIO DEPOT.

During the 1980 to l990 period, David and his wife Anca operated the West Lincoln Conservatory of Music, administering to over 170 pupils weekly . Also during this time, Mr. Buckley he worked as a commercial contract composer and arranger. He and Anca also operated the MUSICAL ROD PUPPET PROJECT.

David has written numerous scores of major works, including operettas and oratorios. One outstanding example of his compositional work is the oratorio PROMISED LAND, which was featured in the Presbyterian Record.